Price Increase BOPA

The margin of our business and the business of our manufacturing partners shrunk to minimal levels since the Euro devaluation in 2014. Additionally, in the last five months raw material prices in Asia have been going up constantly and strongly, leading to an even worse situation. The permanent closure of an important manufacturer of BOPA in China together with the ongoing regular strong growth of the nylon demand led to a very tight supply situation in China for the last few months, which is more and more effecting the supply situation in the rest of the world. This situation will certainly have implications during 2017.

We would like to use this opportunity as well to inform that our major partner Changsu will continue to invest in this business and will increase BOPA film production capacity further. On November 21st, 2016 there will be the ground-breaking ceremony for the next investment phase. We are proud to represent Changsu for the marketing and sales of their film in Europe and thus being able to secure regular and reliable supply for all types of Nylon Film.

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