R-PET Film types now available from stock!

We proudly announce the introduction of the R-PET film series of our partner Polyplex with a certified 70% post-consumer recycling content. Find your PET corona (TFCO-R7), PET acrylic (S42O-R7), PET chemically treated (S56C-R7) or PET metallized (TPMC-R7 and TPWMC-R7) ready for immediate shipment from our warehouse. Up-to-date availability from stock can be checked here.

New production will take place on monthly basis for above and many more film types.

TPL's R-PET series enables you to achieve your sustainability targets and protect the environment by:

  • Reducing plastic waste and land fill
  • Reducing the usage of fossil feedstocks
  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Supporting recycling streams and improved waste collection

Highest quality controls and inhouse resin production of our partner Polyplex ensure the consistent high quality of our R-PET films as well as the compliance with food conformity requirements.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives in our R-PET brochure.

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