Full range of R-PET films

For all these years TPL supported the packaging industry by substantially reducing the amount of packaging material used. Flexible packaging has been providing important and sustainable benefits over the last decades.

But now it is time to take the next round and make flexible packaging and other industrial film applications even more sustainable. R-PET - polyester film made from post-consumer recycling is the key to this. Successfully we launched a full range of products made from R-PET. Make your products even more sustainable. R-PET allows the same barrier properties and the same efficiency in production. Moreover R-PET is the only packaging film, made from PCR flakes, being 100% food approved and absolutely safe for all kind of packaging applications. (Read more)

We have a large selection of R-PET films available from our warehouse in Antwerp / Belgium for immediate delivery. Standard types in different microns but also many varieties of metallized films and transparent barrier Alox films. Particularly interesting are our films for mono-polymer solutions in convenience applications. Our entire peelable, sealable and twist film portfolio is now available with R-PET. But also technical applications, clear films or white solutions are shifting to R-PET. Polyester is the perfect polymer for a circular economy as it can be re-used in the same application endlessly.

In order to respond to the continous strong increase in demand for R-PET, our Partner Polyplex is currently investing in a new plant with a capacity of 12'000 tons of R-PET chips by using monomer-recycling. This new production plant shall go into production in the last quarter of this year.

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