Quick Delivery

We are convinced that the best product can give only an additional benefit if it is delivered quickly, punctually and reliably. We therefore invest in a very large warehouse and a sophisticated logistics system. With our stocks of over 10'000 t PET, OPA and Aluminium Foil we can offer the following advantages:

Speed: We deliver from stock within 3-8 working days all over Europe
Punctuality: Since material is already in stock, delivery dates are clearly defined and respected
Flexibility: Since we can supply ex stock you can shorten your own delivery times and increase your flexibility towards your customers
Reliability: We guarantee reliability of your deliveries on short or long terms, even for minimal quantities of one roll
Cash Flow: Since you can reduce your own inventory, you will reduce your overall costs and increase your liquidity

You have full transparency of all available material. With onemouse clickyou will see whether your required width is in stock and you even can order via Internet or send your orders by Fax/Mail/Tel. You have the assurance that the ordered quantities will be in your plant within 3-8 days. If exceptionally the desired product is not available, we will do our utmost to arrange for a quick delivery ex works.

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