“Who in three thousand years
cannot account for himself,
will remain inexperienced in the dark,
may live from day to day ”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The historic development is decisive for our being and for our future. Every enterprise is being influenced by the technical, scientific and social development, but at the same time it has the power to determine future developments. The TPL team sees great value in understanding the past, to learn from past developments and to use progress for the benefit of our customers. Due to this experience we can set positive trends for the future.

1960 Transparent Paper Ltd (TPL) is being established by Soterios G. Hadjimina as an international trading company with headquarters in Zurich/Switzerland. Main activity is the distribution of American Cellophane all over Europe.
1961 Takeover of Altacel Transparant Verpakkingsindustrie B.V. a converting plant in the flexible packaging industry. Location Weesp, The Netherlands.
1987 TPL starts distributing PET films for the flexible packaging industry.
1988 Takeover of AIPAG, a trading and converting company in the consumer industry (specifically shrink films and household films and bags) AIPAG has its own spooling operation in Aclens close to Lausanne/Switzerland
1989 A holding company is being established with TPL-Altacel-AIPAG
1992 Start of the slitting company at the operation in Aclens
1993 TPL starts distributing OPA films in Europe
1994 Soterios G. Hadjimina hands over the management of TPL to his son Alex M. Hadjimina
1999 Foundation of Transparent Paper Iberica SL (TPI) in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.
2000 Foundation of Star Coating, a coating company for special papers and technical films with domicile Niederhasli/Zürich.
2002 New modern warehouse in Antwerp/Belgium with over 3'500t film for immediate distribution all over Europe.
2007 Foundation of Transparent Paper France SAS with domicile Pont-Eveque/France
2008 Expansion of stocks in Antwerp/Belgium to over 7'000t
2010 Start up with distribution of BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) films
2016 Start up with distribution of Aluminium Foil
2017 Expansion of the warehouse to over 10'000t
2017 Takeover of Montefiore Trading SA. Location Bioggio/Ticino
2019 Merger of Montefiore Trading SA and Transparent Paper Ltd. The two companies will operate under the common registered name Transparent Paper Ltd.
2019 Expansion of the warehouse to over 14'000t
2019 Start up with distribution of RPET (70% - 90% PCR)

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