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R-PET Film types now available from stock!

We proudly announce the introduction of the R-PET film series of our partner Polyplex with a certified 70% post-consumer recycling content. Find your PET corona (TFCO-R7), PET acrylic (S42O-R7), PET chemically treated (S56C-R7) or PET metallized (TPMC-R7 and TPWMC-R7) ready for immediate shipment from our warehouse. Up-to-date availability from stock can be checked here.


TPL’s easy peel PET films & Changsu Open Door Event

Our range of peelable PET films is providing a consumer-friendly peel-off lidding solution, avoiding tearing or shredding. A wide sealing temperature range and good seal performance through contamination, makes these films perfect for lidding packaging as for ready meals or fresh produce. Furthermore, the high transparency and the anti-fog property are improving the product presentation on the shelf.


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