Our product range is continuously being enlarged by innovations. We also develop suitable products for technically demanding applications. Apart from the standard range many new specialized items are being created.

Below are listed some of the innovative products which TPL has launched successfully. This is only an extract since many products are being developed for a specific customer’s application. Please contact us if you do not find the suitable product for your application (further information and data sheets will be delivered upon request):

DL102 one side matt PET with high transparency
DH100 both sides matt PET film for technical application
UF101 universal UV resistant PET film
SF150 retortable PET film with high adhesion properties
HS200 heat sealable and UV resistant PET
SH140 easily formable PET film
SF123 both sides chemically treated PET for packaging
CF102 high clarity PET film
AS108 antistatic PET film
MPRM metalized matte PET film for al foil replacement
BW322 white opaque PET film
TWL102 white opaque PET film
TS PET film for shrink sleeves
MT5000 metallized PET film with very high barrier, adhesion and suitable up to 110°C
NEOC chemically treated OPA film
Green PET partly produced with biological or recycled components or antimony free PET

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