High shrink PET Film - We sleeve your bottles!

We sleeve your bottles! Our high shrink PET film is the perfect film for any kind of bottle wrapping!


Alox PET films - Exceptional barrier combined with high transparency

Are you looking for an exceptional barrier but don't want to lose the transparency of the film? Is chlorine containing material not an option? Then test our Alox PET film!


Coming soon: Interpack 2017

For the 5th time in row TPL will organize the TPL@INTERPACK 2017 event on the river Rhine. This event will take place on Monday 8th of May, 2017! Don't miss it! More information


MT5000 and HB1000 - Offering an outstanding barrier and high packaging safety

How can we comply with the increasing request for barrier protection and packaging safety? Discover TPLs high performance metallized PET films MT5000 and HB1000.

Please save the date of Monday 8th of May, 2017 for our boat event TPL@INTERPACK 2017 in Düsseldorf!!


Coming soon: TPL@INTERPACK 2017

TPL wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year! All the best for 2017! We are looking forward to a continued good cooperation with you!

To thank you for the good cooperation last year we would like to invite you to our legendary TPL@INTERPACK 2017 event in Düsseldorf! This event will take place on Monday, 8th of May 2017 on board of the MS Jules Verne in Düsseldorf.


The first BOPA LISIM line has started!

The first LISIM BOPA film line in the world is running at Xiamen Changsu! This linear simultaneous stretching line is offering new opportunities for the production of BOPA products, leading to improved product characteristics. We like to present you the advantages of the new BOPA LHA.


NEW from TPL: High quality Aluminium Foil!

Take advantage of TPL's new offer in Aluminium foil!

In cooperation with selected partners we are proud to offer you our TPL Aluminium Foil. Most modern production equipment and strictest quality control assure the continuous top quality of TPL Aluminium Foil. Our special focus on pinhole reduction and an optimal surface with superior wettability contributes to an excellent machinability, highest barrier level and perfect printability.


The barrier against mineral oils: TPL's solution

Sarafil Polyester and Polyamide films, supplied by TPL, are scientifically proven barriers against mineral oils, protecting food products from migration of mineral oils, as MOSH and MOAH. In contrast, Polyethylene and standard Polypropylene are insufficient barriers.

One of the current big challenges for the food packaging industry is to provide solutions against the migration of mineral oils. This will lead to new market trends and packaging solutions. In our brochure we will present you various materials and packaging solutions to protect food effectively and cost efficiently.

For more information, please contact your area sales manager.

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Price Increase BOPA

The margin of our business and the business of our manufacturing partners shrunk to minimal levels since the Euro devaluation in 2014. Additionally, in the last five months raw material prices in Asia have been going up constantly and strongly, leading to an even worse situation. The permanent closure of an important manufacturer of BOPA in China together with the ongoing regular strong growth of the nylon demand led to a very tight supply situation in China for the last few months, which is more and more effecting the supply situation in the rest of the world. This situation will certainly have implications during 2017.


End applications for metallized PET films

Metallized PET films are used in versatile applications. This includes not only flexible packaging, but also many other applications in the technical and industrial sector. In the following, these applications are discussed in more detail.


Premium or paper look applications - TPL's matt PET film types

Are you looking for an opportunity to make your product stand out in the shelf? TPL's matt and matt metallized PET films give you the possibility to differentiate your product by giving it a premium or paper look!

Download here the brochure


Metallized Polyester Film replacing Alufoil

Alufoil replacement in packaging has been widely discussed in recent years. We will analyse the reasons for this trend. Furthermore, we will highlight the advantages and present you MT5000, our high performance metallized film.


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