Polyester (PET)

plain TF
corona TFC TPC, MA
corona - 70% recycled content TFC-R7
acrylic S42, S46
acrylic - 70%/90% recycled content S42-R7, S42-R9
copolyester S56, S60
chemically and corona - 70% recycled content S56C-R7, SC42-R7, S42C-R7
Special typesPolyplexOthers
2 side treated 2 sd chemically adhesion treated SF122, SF123, SF144, SF155
retortable retortable, high adhesion SF105, SF155, SF115
Isotropic plain TI
corona TIC
acrylic SI42
metallized corona TPMCI
UV protection UV, corona UF101
heatsealable, UV (and corona) HS200, HS201
Low COF low COF, acrylic or corona SF162, SF161
High COF high COF or medium high COF, acrylic HF102, MF805
Antistatic plain AS108, ASF108
Antistatic antistatic + acrylic or corona AS182, ASF181
Heat stabilized film TFS, TFSCO
Thermoformable film SH140, SH101
Balanced shrinkage TFL
For direct extrusion coating PE191
For direct embossing DE100, DE101
Twistable film (for candies) transparent GW181
transparent - 70% recycled content GW181-R7
white WGW181
metallized GW301
metallized - 70% recycled content GW301-R7
High Shrink Film for Sleeves Antistatic, adhesion treated TS80, WS80
Heatsealable / PeelablePolyplexOthers
Heatsealable plain, corona HS100, HS101
corona - 70% recycled content HSE101-R7
heatsealable + UV protection HS200, HS201
heatsealable antifog HSEA101-R7
metallized heat sealable MHSE101-R7
Peelable easy peel, seals against PET based substrates + PVDC, PC, PLA 10.63T, 10.63CT
easy peel (antifog), seals against PET based substrates + PVDC, PC, PLA PFA1 10.63CTAF
medium peel, seals against PET based substrates + PVDC, PC, PLA 10.63HT
seal cold + peel hot (for pasteurization), seals against PET based substrates + PVDC, PC, PLA 10.63HOT
universal seal + peel (to PE, PS and PP) 10.64T, 10.64HT, 10.64HTP
antifog 10.64HTAF
Barrier TransparentPolyplexOthers
PVDC coated standard VCS2000 22.00, T01-12
very high barrier VCS4000 24.00
both sides PVDC VCD1000
both sides PVDC - high barrier VCD2000
pasteurisable 22.10
1 sd chemical, 1sd PVDC 22.51
isotropic 22.80, 24.80
isotropic pasteurisable 22.90
improved printability on PVDC side VCS2040
Alox top coated outstanding barrier AUT50, AUT51
high barrier AGT50
very high barrier, pasteurizable APT50
High clarityPolyplexOthers
1 sd acrylic CF120, CF102
2 sd acrylic CF122
acrylic + antistatic CF128, CF182
2 sd antistatic CF188
matt, plain DL100
matt and acrylic DL102
matt and copolyester DL104
medium matt DT100, DH100
high matt D3100
Hazy and Milky whitePolyplexOthers
hazy plain HZ100
milky white plain MW100 6023D
White opaquePolyplexOthers
for labels, coating plain BW100
for labels, coating 2 sd acrylic BW302, BW322
for lidding plain TWL100
for lidding 1 sd acrylic TWL102
for lamination, packaging 2 sd chemical, high adhesion TWL155
white metallized 2 sd chemical, high adhesion MTWL155
yellow plain PF1004
gold metallised plain MPF1004
Metal adhesionTransparent Sidestandard (2.0-2.2)medium (2.3-2.5)high (2.6-2.9)
standard plain TPM TMM THM
standard corona TPMC TMMC THMC
standard corona - 70% recycled content TPMC-R7
standard chemical TPMA TMMA THMA
medium plain TPCM TMCM THCM
high plain TPWM TMWM THWM
high corona - 70% recycled content TPWMC-R7
high chemical TPWMA TMWMA THWMA
supreme corona HB1000
supreme corona + supreme barrier MT5000
Special metallized types
Treatment on non metallized sidestandard (2.0-2.2)medium (2.3-2.5)high (2.6-2.9)
isotropic corona TPMCI
twistable corona GW301
twistable corona - 70% recycled content GW301-R7
matt - one side metallized other side matt plain MM1040
2 sides matt - one side metallized plain MM2000, MM3000
metallized heat sealable plain MHS140 HHS100
high gloss metallized chemical BPMA, BPMF
white metallized chemical MTWL155

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