Cost Reduction

We are convinced that the best price for a product is not simply the cheapest. There are a number of factors which will lead to the success of our customers. Therefore our aim is to reduce costs for our customers with a number of measures:

Reduction of stock keeping costs

Permanent lack of space and the pressure to increase inventory turnover are problems which strain a lot of our customers.

The immediately disposable stocks of TPL help reduce your own inventory without losing flexibility. Upon request we also install consignment stocks in our warehouse (or near your plant).

TPL customers have access at any time to their reserved stock items and can call them off by a simple mouse click. The statistics of past orders help you to decide for future purchases.

Reduction of administration costs

TPL has a sophisticated system of article and requirement control and can take over your complete stock-management, thus enabling you to save considerable administration costs and gain more production security.

Reduction of product costs

Our research and development not only supplies innovative products for an existing film type. Since our strategic partner is producing various products, we are in the position to search for overall film structures and to create completely new film structures for a specific product. Hereby we can not only improve existing film structures but reduce general packaging costs

Reduction of converting costs

Our research is a step further than others. One main goal is to create films which bring better results not only at the converter but also at the place of packaging. In this way we can assure quicker, more efficient and cost-effective converting.

Reduction of development costs

We not only develop new films and structures. Our utmost concern is to work together with our customers, not only to focus on the end result but also to save development costs for our customers.

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